Image and Brand Consultancy

What people think about you is your worth when it comes to business and that is dependent on your image and brand. A brand can be defined as a personality that is distinct and unique and can be used to identify a product, service, or individual in the minds of the consumers.

At The IMC People, we understand how important image is and with that, we design personal and corporate image and brand strategies to create positive influence through a relatable brand story and a visible and clear brand identity to your various stakeholders which generates a positive image for you and in result, a positive impact.

Working with personal brands means going into the tiny details for us: from physical appearance to basic etiquette to creating a relatable persona: in most cases by creating clients’ profiles or electronic press kits. We also pride ourselves on being able to brush up on reputations by telling our client’s side of stories through mainstream media and social media.

On the side of corporate brands, we focus on the identity – logos and colors and creating a unique brand story that is not only focused on the product and service provided but has an element of humanity in it. Through our storytelling techniques, we ensure that every brand gets the correct message across to its target audience.

This is achieved through:

  • Brand identity
  • Creative design work
  • Creating a brand story
  • Brand management strategies