The IMC People Ltd. has formed relationships across the globe that have enabled us to link clients with different needs. Linkages for us have been possible because of the good relationships formed with different stakeholders and partners.

Our linkages division is divided into:

Market Linkages

Market Linkages is a function that we picked up because of need – most of the time clients have products or services that they need to get to customers and do not have the know-how. As IMC people, we pride ourselves in fruitful networking by belonging to various business communities and clubs which gives us an edge especially when it comes to linkages.

We are involved in linkages of customers and or investors to:

  • Properties – flats, apartments, commercial spaces, etc.
  • Land – freehold for Kenyans looking to purchase land and leasehold for our foreign customers who want to purchase land in Kenya and need experienced personnel to help
  • Markets for various products in agriculture and mining

Tender Linkages

Based on our mutually beneficial relationships with different embassies in Africa, we get to know when specific African countries have open tenders. These relationships give us the advantage of having the right contact person(s) as per the tenders issued as well as an upper hand in getting first-hand information. Our contacts are always ready to welcome investors on board, giving them VIP treatment and priority to available projects in their countries of origin.

Available projects can either be:

Government Funded or Private Public Partnerships

Our Process:

Step 1: We identify available projects and tenders

Step 2: We make contact and give an executive summary of the job

Step 3: The client signs an NDA, contract and appoints us their Official Agent, and gives us the mandate to carry on the business on their behalf.

Step 4: We provide full details of the project or tender and arrange for a meeting between the clients and the point of contact for the project (relevant ministries or departments)

Step 5: We plan for a site visit and feasibility study

Step 6: Document availability/ Registration in some countries– BOQ, Proof of Funds, etc.

Step 7: Signing

Step 8: Award Letter

Step 8: Payment of our %

Step 9: Giving the award letter to the client

Step 10:  Work commences