Media Relations and Training

Media Relations involves working with media to inform the public of an organization’s mission, policies, and practices in a positive, consistent, and credible manner. At The IMC People, this typically means coordinating directly with the people responsible for producing the news and features in the mass media.

Having a team of ex-journalists and well-built relationships with different media editors and journalists in different fields, it is easy for us to generate stories that are captivating, engaging, and with the in-house policies of media organizations without losing focus of our client’s communication needs and get these stories published with ease. We focus on press release drafting and distribution, writing pitches for content and brands, television, radio, print, and online coverage in any country depending on the client’s needs.

We also ensure that we get our clients relevant in interviews in the media through earned media and leveraging our media relationships. This is a way of getting our clients at the forefront of their market niche. Before any of our clients face the media, we ensure they are ready to do so by doing media training for them. The training covers speech, presentation skills, image and appearance, non-verbal communication during interviews, and presenter familiarity and is set to give the client confidence as they face the media.

This is achieved through:

  • Media training and preparation of all clients before they face media either for interviews or press conferences
  • Media planning
  • Audiovisual production for media
  • Media kit compilation and distribution
  • Relationship cultivation with journalists and editors
  • FAQ document drafting
  • Writing Pitches
  • Writing and distributing press releases