Public Relations and Communication

At The IMC People, we define Public Relations (PR) as THE PERSUASION BUSINESS where we try to convince your audiences, inside your building or town popularly known as internal audiences and outside your usual sphere of influence or your external audiences; to promote your idea, product or service, support your position or recognize your achievements through stories that are engaging, compelling and persuasive.

In the current scenario of cutthroat competition and the high cost associated with advertising, Public Relations is key to any organization as its main objective is to help maintain a positive image of an organization or individual while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between them and their public or stakeholders through frequent relatable, simple and customer targeted messages and strategic communication.

The IMC People have created an exceptional reputation as one of Africa’s top Public Relations Firms by creating award-winning Public Relations Strategies. Our strategies lean more toward understanding the audience at hand, by breaking down their needs one by one to create messages that are easy for the audience to comprehend and selecting communication channels to ensure that the message is passed through channels that will ensure the audience gets the message.

We ensure that we create narratives that drive our client’s agenda, which can be used to enhance, protect, or build reputation in the mainstream media, social/ digital media, or self-proclaimed media. This is achieved by analyzing the organization or individual, their audiences, products, and services, and how these three can be synced to speak the same language.

We have been lucky enough to work with International, Regional, and local brands from multiple industries including Agriculture, Real Estate, Energy, Sports, Fintech, Banking, Technology, Blockchain, Crypto-currencies, SMEs, Travel, Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Interior Design, Food and Processing NGOs as well as individual brands like artists and politicians.

This is achieved through:

  • Communications audits
  • Strategic communications 
  • Internal communications: Employee relations strategies
  • External communication like press releases and statements
  • Community Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR
  • Organizational Communication Strategies
  • Investor Relations
  • Financial Relations
  • Government Relations (G2G)