Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis

Stakeholders are individuals or organizations that will be affected in some significant way by the outcome of the evaluation process are affected by the performance of the intervention, or both. At IMC people, we recognize the importance of having stakeholders and therefore ours is to guide brands on how to select the stakeholders and engage with them.

We define stakeholder mapping as the process of identifying and categorizing key stakeholders involved in achieving the policy objectives of your organization or brand while stakeholder analysis is a way to identify a project’s key stakeholders, assess their interests and needs, and clarify how these may affect the project’s viability. From this analysis, we guide project managers on how to make plans for how these social and institutional aspects will be addressed.

We will ensure that stakeholder analysis for you will uncover and remove multiple barriers to understanding the project’s progression and also eliminate the roadblocks to releasing successful projects by getting information about project supporters, opponents, and their levels of importance in the project